July 1, 2016

DC Power Supplies

Power Supplies

UTM designs and manufacturers AC to DC converters. The different types of converters are

  • Full Wave Bridge Rectified Power Supply
  • Capacitor Filtered Power Supply
  • Filtered and Regulated Power Supply
  • Battery Charger

We can also source SMPS and DC to DC converters from our suppliers.

UTM DC Power Supplies:

  • Input AC voltage range – Single Phase, Two Phase or Three Phase upto 36KV
  • Output DC voltage range – upto 500VDC
  • Cooling type – Air Natural or Airforced
  • Power supplies can be Enclosed (IP20 to IP65) or Unenclosed
  • Compliant to Australian Standards

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. All units come with a 1 year warranty.

Information required with Enquiry:

  • Type (as mentioned above)
  • Rated output Current or Power(W)
  • Input Voltage, Frequency and Phase
  • Output Voltage and Ripple
  • Enclosure IP (protection) rating
  • Overload conditions (if any)
  • Special conditions (if any)