July 1, 2016

Current Transformers

Currennt Transformer

Current Transformers are generally used to measure currents of high magnitude. These transformers step down the current to be measured, so that it can be measured with a standard measuring instrument. Current Transformers are classified based on their application: 1. Measurement (accuracy class) 2. Protection (protection class). Current Transformers can be made with different primary set ups such as,
Wound Primary (number of turns wound around the core),
Bus bar primary (no winding, and fully insulated bus bar acts as the primary) and
Window type primary (no winding or bus bar, instead a custom size window to allow the conductor to pass through).

The output current rating is generally 5 ampere or 1 ampere, which is compatible with standard measuring instruments. UTM designs and manufactures Current Transformers to any specific customer requirement. Please contact us to discuss.

UTM Current Transformers:

  • Current range – upto 10,000A
  • Voltage range – upto 33KV
  • Current Transformer with multiple secondary windings can be made
  • Insulation Class up to Class H (180°C)
  • Compliant with AS60044 and IEC60044

Our Transformers are high in quality and robust in construction. All our Units come with a 1 Year Warranty.
Information Required with Enquiry:

  • Type (Metering or Protection)
  • VA
  • Primary Current
  • Secondary Currents
  • Class
  • Knee Point Voltage (if applicable)
  • Frequency
  • Operating or Ambient Temperature
  • Special conditions (if any)